05th 10月 2017
2017 Music/Brain Symposium (山梨)

2017 Music/Brain Symposium (山梨)

[Presentaion] An approach to creating a theatre piece applying brainwaves (as an example of bio art performanc...

17th 2月 2017

映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム2017 (東京)

The Society for Art and Science (芸術科学会) Research Presentation: Improvised multimedia contents by visualisation...

17th 10月 2016

music + the brain symposium (山梨)

[Performance and Presentaion] Multimedia Improvisation for brainwaves, cello, and live electronics   Link: Per...

28th 5月 2016

Research presentation (京都)

Date: 2 July, 2016 Place: ゲーテ・インスティテュート・キョウト(Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa) http://www.goethe.de/ins/jp/ja/ka...

31st 3月 2014

The Sound Ambiguity

24-25 April, 2014The Karol Lipinski Academy of Music (Wrocław, Poland) [Presentation, 24 April] Compositional ...

16th 3月 2014

INTER/actions: Symposium on Interactive Electronic Music

15-16  March, 2014 Bangor University [Paper/Demonstration, 15 March] Interactive Multimedia Performance System...

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