19th 5月 2019

DAÏMÔN, Artist in Residence (Canada)

The People in the Dunes project with Bettina Hoffmann has been recently updated (Feb-Mar, 2019) with new perfo...

18th 5月 2019

TENOR 2019(Australia)

My work (music and music notation system) has been accepted for the International Technologies of Music Notati...

19th 5月 2019

Lecturer and Discussion (Tokyo)

イベント:たまおん 日時:2019年7月7日(日) 時間:12:30~13:15 場所:玉川大学 UCH107 内容:レクチャー『音楽とテクノロジーの多様性』 玉川大学芸術学部メディア・アーツ学科の教員がレクチャーとディ...

18th 5月 2019

Presentation (Montréal)

Presentation about my works, research and the physical theatre project. Title: “Designing Connections between ...

16th 5月 2018

Physical Theatre “People in the Dunes” Project

動きと音のインタラクションによるフィジカル・シアター作品 『砂の人々』 (English is below.) このプロジェクトは、モントリオール在住のビ ジュアルアーティストであり演出家であるべティナ・ホフマンと、東京...

05th 4月 2017

保護中: Harpsichord + Electronics Project (JP/NL)


04th 12月 2017
Lecture in graduate school at Kunitachi College of Music

Lecture in graduate school at Kunitachi College of Music

Subject: Music and Media Date: 8 December, 2017 Time: 10:40~12:10 Place: Computer Music Studio (Sonology Dept....

05th 10月 2017

iCLA Music/Brain Symposium 2017 (山梨)

Download the programme [Presentaion + Demo] An approach to creating a theatre piece, applying brainwaves: as a...