19th 5月 2019

DAÏMÔN, Artist in Residence (Canada)

The People in the Dunes project with Bettina Hoffmann has been recently updated (Feb-Mar, 2019) with new perfo...

18th 5月 2019

TENOR 2019(Australia)

My work (music and music notation system) has been accepted for the International Technologies of Music Notati...

19th 5月 2019
保護中: Lecturer and Discussion (東京)

保護中: Lecturer and Discussion (東京)


18th 5月 2019

Presentation (Montréal)

Presentation about my works, research and the physical theatre project. Title: “Designing Connections between ...

04th 12月 2017
Lecture in graduate school at Kunitachi College of Music

Lecture in graduate school at Kunitachi College of Music

Subject: Music and Media Date: 8 December, 2017 Time: 10:40~12:10 Place: Computer Music Studio (Sonology Dept....

05th 10月 2017

iCLA Music/Brain Symposium 2017 (山梨)

Download the programme [Presentaion + Demo] An approach to creating a theatre piece, applying brainwaves: as a...

17th 2月 2017

映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム2017 (東京)

The Society for Art and Science (芸術科学会) Research Presentation: Improvised multimedia contents by visualisation...

17th 10月 2016

music + the brain symposium (山梨)

[Performance and Presentaion] Multimedia Improvisation for brainwaves, cello, and live electronics   Link: Per...