New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2015

NYCEMF_logo_w-small21-28 June, 2015
26th June, Concert 19: 4:00-5:45 PM,
Playhouse, the Abrons Arts Center (New York, US)

[Concert performance]
Translucency I for bass clarinet and live electronics
Watch the recording of performance.


I joined New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) 2015 which was held at Abron Arts Center in New York city between 21st – 28th June. This was the second time to present my pieces in NYCEMF, but I couldn’t come there last year. Then, this opportunity was the first time for me to join it as well as visit the lovely great city, NY.
During the time of festival, I worked with Aleksandr Karjaka who is a NY-based clarinetist (also a photographer!), and we performed Translucency I for bass clarinet and live electronics. He was the second peDSCF3401rformer of this piece, and it was the first time to realise this work after the original score, which was written for Marij van Gorkom, had been altered and added fixed media parts. (Score) Aleksandr, however, understood the atmosphere of composition very well, and our performance was a great success on 26th June (concert 19). This time, I tried to used two audio-technica microphones as a substitute for Marij’s sound system, and placed them toward around the bell and neck of the instrument. I also cut the low frequency by microphones. We didn’t get any problems such as feedback at all during rehearsals and performance, and everything was perfect.


I added a few more changes into the score during rehearsals, and I am thinking to add another slight change after the concert. However, for the most part at the music has been fixed, and it is equally possible for all performers to realise at concert, and the reproducibility is one of the most important part for my composition of live electronic music.
This music could sound quite static, particularly for the instrument part. Yet, electronics tries to give multiple sizes of particles of sound, transforming similar passages of the bass clarinet part in different ways. I hope you enjoy subtle differences of particles which scatters light.



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