Tama Contemporary Music and Art Festival (東京)

[Lecture Concert]
Date: 3 March, 2018
Time: 14:00~(Concert 1)
Venue: Meisei University, Tokyo
Work: Capriccio for Horn and Live Electronics
Horn: Nobuaki Shutou
Video Collaboration:
Takashi Miyamato


日程: 2018年3月3日
時間: 14:00~ (コンサート 1)
会場: 明星大学(東京 日野)
作品: ホルンとライブエレクトロニクスのための奇想曲
ホルン: 首藤伸明



Lecture in graduate school at Kunitachi College of Music

Subject: Music and Media
Date: 8 December, 2017
Time: 10:40~12:10
Place: Computer Music Studio (Sonology Dept.), Kunitachi College of Music
(Tachikawa, Tokyo)

* You need permission to get involved in. If you’re interested in please give me a contact.



保護中: Harpsichord + Electronics Project (JP/NL)


iCLA Music/Brain Symposium 2017 (山梨)

Download the programme

[Presentaion + Demo]
An approach to creating a theatre piece, applying brainwaves: as an example of bio-art performance

(Tamagawa University/Tokyo Denki University)
(Meisei University)

Date: 27 October, 2017
Place: iCLA, Yamanashi Gakuin University, Yamanashi, Japan(iCLA, 山梨学院大学)
Organised by: iCLA (International College of Liberal Arts)
More info: http://www.musicla.info

This presentation proposes a method to interpret the data of human brainwaves (EEG) into images and musical notes in order to represent mental states by multimedia performance. This presentation also describes an example of theatrical output that explores relations between some elements that are expected to influence the levels of stress, concentration, or relaxed feelings and actual performer’s brainwaves reactions-the arousal levels of brain—proposing an example of bio-art performance.

During the performance, the data of brainwaves is translated into eight types of images according to frequency ranges, as well as musical notes, and the strongest signal every 0.5 seconds is defined as the primary image and as a note for an instrument, using Processing and the Bach library for Max/MSP. In the piece, two actor(s)/actress(es), one of whom wears a brain sensing headband, play out scenarios in an extemporised way.

This work has been performed repeatedly, but the latest performance at the 2017 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Shanghai resulted in the discovery of very interesting phenomena, involving real-time feedback from the audience. Although the technology utilised in this work may have been primitive, the outcomes of this performance could suggest the possibility of a new type of multimedia bio-art theatre piece.





International Computer Music Conference 2017 (上海)

Date: 2017/10/16-20
Venue: 上海音楽学院, 中国/Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China
Website: http://www.icmc2017.com/en

Work: 脳波を用いたチェロ、ライブエレクトロニクスと、画像処理のためのマルチメディア・インプロヴィゼーション/Multimedia improvisation with brain waves for cello, live electronics and image processing
(H. Hirayama, M. Yokoyama)

Tamagawa Music Festival (東京)

日時/Date: 2017年9月28日(木)

時間/Time: 15:00~, 17:00~ (2公演, 同プログラム)  *入場無料/要予約

場所/Place: ヤマハ銀座店, Yamaha Ginza (Ginza, Tokyo)

詳細/Details: http://www.tamagawa.ac.jp/arts/news/detail_0004.html

作品/Work: ホルンとエレクトロニクスのためのCapriccio (2017, 世界初演)
演奏者/Performer: 佐々木希実(ホルン/Horn), 平山晴花(エレクトロニクス/Elect.)

映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム2017 (東京)

The Society for Art and Science (芸術科学会)

Research Presentation: Improvised multimedia contents by visualisation and sonification of brainwaves
Masao Yokoyama (Meisei Uni.),  Haruka Hirayama (Tokyo Denki Uni.)


Date: 2017年3月14日(火)
Place: Faculty of Science, Ochanomizu University
Details: http://art-science.org/topics/20170117.html
The Society for Art and Science:


Concert in Leicester (UK)

Date: 8 March, 2017
Time: 19:00~
Place: Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTI), De Montfort University (Leicester, UK)

More info: coming soon

Work: Translucency I for bass clarinet and live electronics
Performer (B. cl., electronics) : Marij van Gorkom (NL) 

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