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05th 10月 2017

iCLA Music/Brain Symposium 2017 (山梨)

Download the programme [Presentaion + Demo] An approach to creating a theatre piece, applying brainwaves: as a...

26th 8月 2017

International Computer Music Conference 2017 (上海)

Date: 2017/10/16-20 Venue: 上海音楽学院, 中国/Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China Website:

25th 8月 2017


A public-space exhibition@Nishikoyama area, Tokyo パブリック・スペースでの展示会 日程/Date:9月29日(金)~ 10月1日(日) 時間/Time:12:00~19:...

09th 7月 2017

Tamagawa Music Festival (東京)

日時/Date: 2017年9月28日(木) 時間/Time: 15:00~, 17:00~ (2公演, 同プログラム)  *入場無料/要予約 場所/Place: ヤマハ銀座店, Yamaha Ginza (Ginza,...

05th 4月 2017

(dis)concert: a humming project by Mirna Bamieh (collaboration)

          Video and Sound Installation (3-channel video and 2-channel sound) I have r...

17th 2月 2017

映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム2017 (東京)

The Society for Art and Science (芸術科学会) Research Presentation: Improvised multimedia contents by visualisation...

28th 2月 2017
Concert in Leicester (UK)

Concert in Leicester (UK)

Date: 8 March, 2017 Time: 19:00~ Place: Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTI), De Montfort Un...

28th 2月 2017

MANTIS Festival of Electroacoustic Music (UK)

Date: 4 March, 2017 Time: 20:00~ Place: Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester (Manchester, UK) More i...