Presentation rec.

DateMeeting etc. /VenueTitleStatus
27 October, 2017music + the brain symposium, iCLA Yamanashi Gakuin University (Yamanashi, Japan)An approach to creating a theatre piece, applying brainwaves: as an example of bio-art performance
14 March, 2017A Meeting of The Society for Art and Science, Faculty of Science, Ochanomizu University (Tokyo)
Improvised multimedia contents by visualisation and sonification of brainwaves
29 October, 2016music + the brain symposium, iCLA Yamanashi Gakuin University (Yamanashi, Japan)Multimedia Improvisation for brainwaves, cello, and live electronics
2 July, 2016The JSSA Research Meeting, Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa (Kyoto)エレクトロニクスによる演奏行為の可視化とインタラクティブ音楽の
可能性 ー Translucency II のケース
24 April, 2014The Sound Ambiguity, INternational Students' Scientific Conference
(The Karol Lipiński Academy of Music, Wrocław, Poland)
Compositional Strategies for Interactive Computer MusicAccepted
15 March, 2014INTER/actions: Symposium on Interactive Electronic Music 2014
(Bangor university, UK)
Interactive Multimedia Performance System with Leap Motion,programmed in Max and DIPS5 (Digital Image Processing with Sound)
2 May, 2013Composers' Forum
(Manchester university, UK )
Composition for Interactive Music Systems: the case of Tints of July
6 July, 2008Media Project '08 Vol. 6
(Yokohama, Japan)
Lecture concert
25 March, 2007Media Project '07-1
(Yokohama, Japan)
Lecture concert