Interactive Physical Theatre


Interactive physical theatre project, so-called People in the Dunes Project is collaborative work between a visual artist and choreographer Bettina Hoffmann (Montreal, Canada) and a composer Haruka Hirayama (Tokyo, Japan), and this art project has been developed since 2018 involving many local performers and organisations.
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Recent posting on this website (Feb-Mar, 2019 in Montreal).

The key words of this project are:
– interactions between gestures and sounds
– motion tracking technologies and new creative artwork
– alternative method for music composition
– different styles of creating physical movements (e.g. Contemporary, Butoh etc.)
– cultural intersect


[Future Events]

– Artist in residency in DAÏMÔN, Gatineau, Canada
20th February to 28th March, 2020
Collaborators: Emmanuelle Martin, Ilya Krouglikov, Katie Philp (movements), and Ariel Carrabré (violoncello).
Performance will be expected at the end of residency.



[Past Performance]

[1] People in the Dunes – Physical theatre of interactions between movements and sound. ( Tokyo, 2018) Descriptions and Program notes for concerts

Mitsuko Aoki (Butoh dance), Asako Kurematsu, Keke and Nana Suzuki (Contemporary dance), and the Atelier Beni (Butoh dance company)

1) Tamaon – Tamagawa University Music Day
7 July, 2018 (Sat.) at Tamagawa University, Tokyo
2) People in the Dunes – Performance + Talk
17 July, 2018 (Tue.) at Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo
3) Beyond The Border – Double Featured Program
Date:3 August, 2018 (Fri.) at Terpsichore, Nakano, Tokyo


[Related Activities]

– Presentation at colloquium of the graduate students in composition, Université de Montréal.
Presentation title: Designing Connections between Performance Gestures and Sounds