List of works

TitleInstrumentation/FormatDurationAudio etc.Score
Capriccio (2017)Horn and Live Electronics
インタラクティブiPadスコアアプリ(Decibel ScorePlayer, developed by WAAPA, Edith Cowan Uni, Perth)のためのデジタルスコア: 形態化の実践のための:ある日(2016)Fl., (any)Cl., Keyboard, Vc. and movement/dance
(Decibel New Music Ensemble, Perth)
7'30"Performance Clip1

Performance Clip2
Multimedia Improvisation
(collaborative work) (2016)
Brain Waves (by Muse), Vc. and Multimedia Interactive System13'00''~15'00''performance record
FRISKOTO (fixed ver.)
(for Rez Synesthesia Suit, Keio Uni. Media Design) (2016)
Fixed Media (2 ch)3'30"VR video for a demo
FRISKOTO (2014)Fixed media and Live Elect. with Leap Motionca. 13'00''fkoto_demofriskoto_score
Translucency II
Fixed Media and Live Image Processingca. 16'00''TL II_movie

TL II_demo
Translucency I
Bass Cl. and Live 8'30''Translucency I.mp3 Marij van Gorkom
Myth II (2012)Fixed Media (2 ch)12'35"
Myth I (2012)Flute, Bassoon, Accordion, Cello, and Percussionca. 8'00''Myth I.moviecoming soon
Miriam (2011)Piano and Fixed Media (8 ch)
(Animated Music Notation)
Pf: Akane Takada
Tints of July (2011)Flute, Guitar and Live 10'00''Tints of July.mp3
Fl: Gavin Osborn
Gtr: Paul Labelle
Septangle (2006)Piano and Live 8'00''
Pf: Richard Casey
Septenary (2005)Harp and Live Elect. ca. 8'00''
Fragmentary Seven
Contrabass and Live 6'00"
Swallow (2004)Soprano Sax and Live 7'50"Swllow.mp3
S.sax: Koichi Araki
Metamorphic Orb
6 Percussionists and Multimedia Live Interactive Systems
(Sound part only)
ca. 9'15"
Three expressions
Percussion and Live Elect.
A meteor in the blue
Soprano and Live Elect.
深緋 (Kokihi) (2001)Percussion and Live Elect.
Sunflower (2001)Audiovisual