The International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition (iFIMPaC)

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12-13 March, 2015
Leeds College of Music (Leeds, UK)

[Concert performance] FRISKOTO for  Live Computer (with Leap motion) and Fixed Media (4ch)

4This was the third time to be a ‘performer’ for FRISKOTO with the leap motion controller: at the first-time performance for the MANTIS festival, I was super nervous, but this time I could perform with a sort of relaxed feeling. At the same time, the change of feelings seemed to influence my movement, and it softened my original gestures. However, the supple gestures looked fitted better than firm gestures for some sounds in music, but they were not for all sounds. Now I assume that I should integrate a kind of robotic gestures and humanlike gestures according to the sound and the atmosphere. I’ll have another performance of FRISKOTO at ICMC 2015 in September and develop my performance skill until then!
I’m really curious to think about the relation between performer’s gestures and delivered sound by it in order to create interactive computer music, with the purpose of harmonizing gestures and sound; as we can easily observe the fully linked relations between, for example, a pianist’s gestures, the produced sound, and the piano (object/instrument).




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