20th 11月 2019

The Media Garden

19th 5月 2019

DAÏMÔN, Artist in Residence (Canada)

The People in the Dunes projec...

02nd 7月 2018

「砂の人々」Lecture & Performance (東京)

See also: 『砂の人々 (People in the...

25th 6月 2018



25th 6月 2018


たまおん Tamagawa University Music...

14th 11月 2017

Tama Contemporary Music and Art Festival (東京)

[Lecture Concert] Date: 3 Marc...

26th 8月 2017

International Computer Music Conference 2017 (上海)

Date: 2017/10/16-20 Venue: 上海音...

09th 7月 2017

Tamagawa Music Festival (東京)

日時/Date: 2017年9月28日(木) 時間/Time...