MANTIS Festival Spring, 2015

MANTIS-Spring2015-posterS28 February-1 March, 2015
John Thaw Studio Theatre, Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester

FRISKOTO for fixed media, computer and Leap Motion (4ch)

Watch the recording of performance.

This could be the last MANTIS festival for me as the student who belongs to the NOVARS research centre of Manchester University. At the same time, I made my debut as a ‘performer’ with my piece, FRISKOTO at this MANTIS festival. I have many times worked together with performers (instrumentalists) by operating the computer part to realise live electronic pieces at concert, but performing FRISKOTO is different: the piece, FRISKOTO consists of my movement/gestures, and the movement itself is a part of media for music.
Although this is my own composition, I needed to rehearse the performance myself many times for this concert. The interesting discovery by it was a significant difference between controlling and performing an object, which is so-called a musical instruments, or a computer and input devices for data in this case. This idea urged me to improve the original system for this music as well as the method of movement three days before the concert.IMG_2913
Finally, the score was integrated into a main patch of Max/MSP instead of preparing paper-based score, and iPad was used for a performer instead of computer display to show the movement of performer better for audience. Also, I practiced to move my hands a little bit like a robot. I think that these changes helped make aspects of controlling parameters invisible and highlight aspects of performing.
I feel that it would be great if other professional performer/dancer could play this piece with their own interpretation in the same way that my other interactive pieces for instruments and electronic are possible to be performed by any performers. 

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