music + the brain symposium (山梨)

[Performance and Presentaion]
Multimedia Improvisation for brainwaves, cello, and live electronics  

Link: Performance video

This is a new approach to create interactive music for me, collaborating with the brainwaves research team (Toru Sato and Fumiya Takahashi) led by Dr. Masao Yokoyama (Mesei University).

Each performer (Sato and Takahashi) will wear the Muse, which equips five sensors for the α, β, θ, γ, and δ waves each on a head: one performer’s waves are used for the source of producing images and the other’s are used for the source of creating score in real time. M. Yokoyama is also an excellent cellist, and he will play the cello in extemporise ways, following a live-produced score. Hirayama performs the live electronic sound in the same way.
Takahashi and Sato have developed the visual part as well as analysed brainwaves’ data, giving consideration to strategies for music composition (e.g. applying Logistic map) with Processing. Hirayama is responsible for creating the visualised score based on received data and for mapping onto notes with bach (Max/MSP library).

Date: 29 October, 2016
Place: Yamanashi Gakuin University, Yamanashi, Japan
Organised by: iCLA (International College of Liberal Arts)
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